We Are #WindsorStrong

Windsor CrossFit is Windsor-Essex County’s FIRST official CrossFit facility. With 9 years experience, we provide a superior health & fitness program that produces unrivalled results and encourages us to reach our fullest potential in every facet of human performance and life.


At Windsor CrossFit, we are a family; a large group of like-minded individuals who are looking to live our best possible lives. We don’t settle for mediocrity, and we look our daily challenges in the face with determination and mental toughness. We try our best to display the characteristics we value the most. This means we put each other first, we practice kindness, respect and show passion for who and what we love. We understand the power of perspective, and the necessity of a positive outlook. We don’t complain, and we take ownership over our actions and our lives. We eat good, real food. We train really hard. And we are patient and steadfast in our pursuit of athletic excellence.

We believe there is more to life than fitness, but fitness is the compass for our lives. If we can look a daunting WOD head-on, we can deal with the harder challenges that life throws our way. If we can cheer each other on at the end of a workout, we can understand the importance of community. If we can properly fuel our bodies and practice self-care, we can thrive (not just survive) well into the later years of our life. If we don’t complain about running in the cold, maybe we won’t complain when we’re in traffic. If we hold each other to a high standard of performance, and a high standard of character, maybe we can have a trickle down effect in our family and friends. We are here because we care about the type of people we are. We are proud to be the one percent.


1106 Laramie St

(Off Lesperance Rd, behind Carrots N’ Dates)